Health & Safety

A Responsible Approach to Health & Safety

Williams Roofing Contractors Ltd regard the advancement of Health, Safety & Welfare as a prime objective for management, employees and contractors and are committed to the principal of management responsibility for health and safety matters.

As an employer, Williams Roofing Contractors Ltd accepts its legal duty to meet the standards set out in the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and all other relevant statutory duties defined in various Regulations made under the above Act. Compliance with the Act and its Regulations will be achieved through the procedures and arrangements described in the document.

The Company also recognises the important contribution of its employees and will seek their views and consult with them on all matters affecting their health, safety and welfare. The Proprietor fully accepts the moral responsibility to take all reasonable care to protect the workforce and others, who may be affected by the Company’s undertaking.

The Company provides the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to achieve its objectives and will ensure that adequate resources are allocated to health & safety matters. This will include the provision and maintenance of safe plant and equipment and systems of work to ensure the safe handling and use of any materials and substances.

Proper Assesment and Risk Control

The nature of the Company’s work in the field of roofing services is an inherently dangerous environment and the Company is dedicated to preventing accidents and dangerous occurrences, injury and ill health, not only to its employees but to anyone who might be affected by the Company’s work. This will be achieved through proper assessment and control of the risks and a planned and systematic approach to the work.

The Company also accepts its responsibility for the products and services it supplies and will endeavour to ensure that not only is it safe in construction, but that consideration of risk will be given for those who must maintain, alter or make use of the service, in the future. Similarly, materials and substances used in the work will, wherever practical, be free of hazard and where this is not possible, information will be provided to the Client or end user.  The Company will regularly monitor and review its policy and procedures for health and safety, learning from experience, taking account of changes in legislation and striving toward an accident-free organisation.



June 2022

R Williams FIoR

Managing Director